"What Makes Sammy Run?" 
(Original Cast Album)
Columbia KOS 2440 / KOL 6040
LP out-of-print;
Monaural version now available on CD)

Musical Numbers

1. Overture

2. A New Pair of Shoes

3. You Help Me

4. A Tender Spot

5. Lights! Camera! Platitude!

6. My Hometown

7. I See Something

8. Maybe Some Other Time

9. You Can Trust Me / A Room Without Windows

10. Kiss Me No Kisses

11. I Feel Humble

12. Something To Live For

13. You're No Good

14. The Friendliest Thing

15. Wedding of the Year

16. Some Days Everything Goes Wrong

Original Liner Notes
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Steve Lawrence owns the rights to the original cast album of What Makes Sammy Run? and has finally released the album on compact disc (unfortunately, in monaural sound only).